Transform Your Life

Learn a complete system of emotional and behavioral change in short, easy to follow videos from a Meditation Master, with personalized support for your transformation

  • Release Negative Emotions

    Learn to easily release negative emotions or triggers and harness their energy to experience the wisdom, insight and pleasure they have in store for you.

  • Heal Past Trauma

    Release trauma and charge from the past that is keeping you stuck in old patterns or fear so you can be present and free to have the life you want now.

  • Transform Behaviors and Take Action

    Release resistance or any behavioral patterns that aren't working for you or are keeping you from what you want, and replace them with behaviors you like based on who you are and what you want to be feeling.

  • Improve Your Relationships

    Release old patterns or areas where you are getting stuck in your relationships and find new freedom, intimacy, passion, and a new kind of relationship.

  • Manifest the Life You Desire

    Access abundance, find breakthrough solutions and build the life you want from who your ideal state and maximizing your full potential.

Included in the Course

  • Over 70 lessons and 6.5 hours of instruction

    Master Kim walks you step-by-step through the path of awareness from the foundation through advanced transformational methods to manifest the life you want, including answers to the most common questions and difficulties, and real life examples of people being led through the transformation process.

  • Personalized Daily Support and Accountability

    Connect with others on the path and get daily accountability, feedback, support, and encouragement. You will get three months of access to Zoom support calls Monday - Friday, including Q & A with Senior Instructors to answer any questions you have as you transform your life.

  • Bonus Material

    You will have access to a series of e-mails from Master Kim to support and inspire your practice and help bring the transformation into your daily life, as well as bonus video lessons and Q & A that continue to be filmed and added for deeper study.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Support

    • Getting the App

    • Daily Video Support Calls

  • 3


  • 4

    Following the Flow

    • We don’t know what it means to feel emotions

    • What happens when we don't feel our emotions

    • What it means to feel an emotion


    • What success looks like

    • Overcoming Obstacles to Following the Flow

    • What you experience when you feel your emotions

    • Q & A: How do I handle pain or injury?

  • 5

    Basking in the Bubble

    • What keeps us from getting into the bubble?

    • The solution

    • What does the bubble look like?

    • You've felt it before!


    • A visual example

    • How to deal with common obstacles to Basking in the Bubble

    • Meeting Destiny

    • Following the Bubble

    • Q & A: I want the Bubble to be stronger, and to resolve everything at once

    • Q & A: How can I think less?

    • Q & A: The Bubble and being honest with yourself

  • 6


    • How do I heal from my past?

    • What to expect from dissolving


    • How you know you have healed

    • Let the bubble do the work!

    • A life of purpose

    • Q & A: Experiencing Discontentment

    • Q & A: Tiredness

    • Q & A: Paying attention in the Bubble

  • 7

    Going Beyond

    • Knowing what to do when you feel like a bumbling child

    • Alchemy


    • Q & A: Am I doing this right?


    • Q & A: What do I do if the feeling isn't releasing?

    • Q & A: An example of changing a behavior

    • Q & A: Feeling tired and blanking out

    • Introduction to Enhancing the Bubble


    • How you know it's working

    • Being the Universe

    • Letting it come to you

  • 8

    Practical Magic

    • The most important thing to learn anything

    • Connect with the pleasure

    • The Checklist

    • Pith Instructions

    • Bringing the Bubble into daily life

    • Bubble partners and daily check-ins

    • Progression of Mastery

    • How you know you have succeeded

    • The real issue is urgency

    • Experiencing flow in your life

  • 9

    Living the Dream

    • Living your dreams, literally

    • This is not a technique!

    • Survey

  • 10

    Deeper Study

    • Letting the Bubble Go Ahead of You

    • Awareness and Habitual Thinking

    • The results we get are perfect for the system we created

    • Q & A: Why does it feel like I am falling back in my practice?

    • Q & A: What do I do when I'm in an adrenalized state? (Plus: using the secret spot to get into the Bubble)

    • Q & A: How do I change my behavior if all I can do is just get through the moment?

    • Q & A: Why is it so hard to get into the Bubble when I'm triggered?

    • Q & A: Can I use different techniques when I have a pesky problem that's not getting solved?

    • Q & A: If I have multiple feelings, do I follow one or all at the same time?

    • Q & A: How do I know if I'm connected enough?

    • Q & A: I find it hard to Bubble while doing other things

    • Q & A: How do I know when I should do the Bubble or another practice?

    • Q & A: What is the difference between your Bubble and sending energy/chi?

    • Q & A: Do I follow the flow or try and stay focused?

    • Why we want to be a victim

Lead Instructor

SUN SHEN Founder

Master Daniel Kim

Master Daniel Kim is an engineer, Christian Mystic and Tai-Chi Lineageholder. In 2002 he founded the SUN SHEN Lineage, which is a synthesis of these ancient spiritual traditions and a modern scientific approach. Originally from Korea, he has been practicing Martial Arts, cultivation methods and healing in various systems for more than 30 years and teaching since 1992. He lives in the United States with his family.

Instructors and Team

Senior Instructor

Sifu Wang

Originally from Taiwan, Sifu Wang is Master Kim's Senior Disciple and the Head Tai-Chi instructor for SUN SHEN, and a Lineageholder in the SUN SHEN System. He has been studying with Master Kim since 2003, and teaching since 2005.

Senior Instructor

Sifu Neuhaus

Sifu Alexis Neuhaus is a Lineageholder and Head Scripture Disciple of SUN SHEN Founder Master Kim, and a Tai-Chi Instructor and a practitioner of the SUN SHEN Healing System. He is passionate about teaching and working with people to maximize their full potential.

Community Support

Emily Sirona

Emily has been a Disciple of Master Kim since 2013, and is a practitioner of the SUN SHEN System, and a life coach. Her work is informed by the broad scope of her professional training, including a degree in religion with a focus in neuroscience, and over 10 years of experience as a massage therapist and energy healer.

Experiences with the Course

Margot N., Washington DC

I'm a beginner who has recently completed the bubble course, and yet my life is already being transformed by it. I'm feeling more calm, more integrated and have a new sense of possibility. In addition, and very importantly, I feel I have new tools to help me deal emotionally with whatever may come my way. Though I've been interested in the area of psychology for quite some time, I haven't encountered anything with this potential or even close. For anyone who's interested in growing, improving, and having the life they envision, I couldn't recommend this course more highly!

Emotional Freedom

Meghan Darling, Michigan

The Bubble Course has been an incredible way for me to access my emotional world.  It allows me to be a lot more in touch with what I'm feeling, moment to moment, and gives me the power to change my emotional state to something that I like or want it to be, so I can feel the way I want to feel in every moment.  It's also helped me physically release trauma that I've experienced in my life and to feel a lot more freedom.    I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!

Living as Intended

Susan Travis, Michigan

The Bubble provides the cushion and therefore the space that then creates the safety to explore and process difficult feelings. In doing so, those energies are resolved, and there is a greater sense of peace in my life, allowing me to live more fully as intended.

Loving It!!!!

Vivian Sanders

I've gotten to the point where going into my Bubble is most often something I look forward to, because I know I'll discover something really helpful and healing. I feel like I am on an amazing journey. My inner guidance keeps encouraging me to go again into my Bubble exercise... and the rewards are always there. Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful path of healing, freedom and joy!!!

Support Options for Your Journey